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Wyvis Street Play Space
Enjoying Wyvis Street Play Space
Playing at Wyvis Street Play Space
Wyvis Street Play Space scheme drawing
Wyvis Street Play Space

Wyvis Street Play Space

ASA worked with Play Consultants Phil Doyle and Marc Armitage on the design and implementation of this small play space in east London, with an approximate project value of £50,000. Located in a relatively deprived area of social housing the scheme was notable for having tackled two key design challenges in Play design – fencing, and sand.

Aileen worked with the Play Consultants to overcome what were significant community fears regarding the feasibility of installing an un-fenced play space in an area where ‘fighting’ dogs are regularly exercised. A small open sand pit was also installed as part of the scheme and this has been in use constantly now since summer 2007, with no reported incidences of hazardous debris?.

“The most well-used play space in Tower Hamlets!”
LBTH Ranger