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McKenna Green
Seating at McKenna Green
McKenna Green scheme
McKenna Green
Carved sheep at McKenna Green
Avenue Gardens of sheep at McKenna Green
Model of McKenna Green scheme
Plan of McKenna Green project

McKenna Green, LB Tower Hamlets

At McKenna Green, ASA worked closely with Consultants Inspire 2 on a scheme to bring back into use an un-loved and un-used courtyard space on an Old Ford Housing Association (OFHA) estate in Bow.

With over £250,000 funding secured from OFHA and following significant demolition works, a ‘hotch-potch’ of paving and unsightly retaining walls was transformed into an attractive terraced grassy space, with seating, and ornamental shrubs and trees. A carved timber sculpture of a sheep and lamb provided the final touch as well as forming a link with the nearby Olympic park where the remainder of the flock will eventually be located. Click here to view a short video of the sheep being carved.

“Well I was very sceptical ...but whoever was responsible for the design should be congratulated, I think it's lovely, it's made such a difference to the place.”
89 year old Resident (who has lived there 47 years)