McKenna Green, LB Tower Hamlets


At McKenna Green, ASA worked closely with Consultants Inspire 2 on a scheme to bring back into use an un-loved and un-used courtyard space on an Old Ford Housing Association (OFHA) estate in Bow. 


With over £250,000 funding secured from OFHA and following significant demolition works, a ‘hotch-potch’ of paving and unsightly retaining walls was transformed into an attractive terraced grassy space, with seating, and ornamental shrubs and trees. A carved timber sculpture of a sheep and lamb provided the final touch as well as forming a link with the nearby Olympic park where the remainder of the flock will eventually be located. Click here to view a short video of the sheep being carved.

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“Well I was very sceptical.....but whoever was responsible for the design should be congratulated, I think it's lovely, it's made such a difference to the place”

89 year old Resident  (who has lived there 47 years)

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